Safety Consulting and Training

Our team of Occupational Health and Safety specialist can assist you with the development and implement of an effective Safety and Health Management System; including developing and participating in your Safety Committee, Worksite Evaluation and Analysis, Hazard Prevention and Control and Safety and Health Training. By initiating and continually refining processes to meet these critical steps, your organization can develop a strong safety culture and meet its goals of providing a safe work environment for your employees while controlling health care costs.

Safety and Health Training

Occupational Health and Safety professionals at MAS or one of our strategic partners can provide on-site safety training to your employees. Contact us for information.

In addition to on-site training, MAS is pleased to offer many safety training courses on-line. Safety and health training involves the presentation of technical material, the use of computer-based training allows your employee to proceed at his or her own pace. "In OSHA's view, self paced, interactive computer-based training can serve as a valuable training tool."

Safety Committee

The Occupational Health and Safety professionals at MAS are available to assist your Health and Safety Team. We can help develop the policies and procedures for a newly developing team, provide guidance on keeping policy and procedures up to date, participate in scheduled meetings or just be available for consultation on specific issues.

Worksite Evaluation

Our team of experienced Health and Safety professionals can assist in the performance of your worksite analysis. The analysis begins with a comprehensive baseline survey to identify not only existing hazards, but also conditions and operations in which changes might create hazards. We perform an industrial hygiene survey of all chemicals and hazardous materials in the plant including performance of noise and air sampling if indicated. We can develop or review and update your hazard communication program, respirator program, and other safety programs.

We can perform Job Hazard Analysis on each job function. Jobs that were initially designed with safety in mind may now include hazards or improper operations. When done for every job, this analysis periodically puts processes back on the safety track.

Hazard Prevention and Control

After workplace hazards are identified and evaluated they need to be eliminated or reduced. Employers must ensure the effective implementation of systems for hazard prevention and control. Engineering controls directly eliminate a hazard by such meas as substituting a less hazardous substance or by isolating the hazard. Administrative controls significantly limit daily exposure to hazards by changing work schedule or work habits.

When engineering and administrative controls have been investigated and implemented, yet still do not bring employees' exposure levels to below OSHA permissible exposure limits; or when engineering controls are determined to be infeasible, then a combination of controls may be used. Our Health and Safety professionals can assist in the selection of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Our team can develop or assist in maintaining compliance with OSHA required hazard control programs such as PPE, Respiratory Protection, Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space Entry, Bloodborne Pathogens and an Emergency Preparedness and Response policy.

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